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Kinect Nat Geo TV

At Relentless we’re big fans of motion-control: we worked on EyeToy back in 2004 and we added PlayStation Move support to both Buzz! and Blue Toad Murder Files. When Kinect was announced we started designing for it, mixing high-quality National Geographic television shows with fun-packed Xbox 360 Kinect motion-controlled game play. The result is the amazing Kinect Nat Geo TV: a ground-breaking interactive experience that is part of Microsoft’s “playful learning” initiative.

Kinect Nat Geo TV blends world-renowned Nat Geo WILD TV show episodes with Kinect for Xbox 360, transporting kids and their families around the world, expanding knowledge and inspiring a sense of wonder and excitement. Engage, play and learn as Kinect Nat Geo TV turns your living room into an animal habitat and you into a variety of animals – such as a bear, a wolf or even an octopus – without ever leaving your home.

There are two seasons available for Kinect Nat Geo TV. In Season 1, America the Wild, you team up with naturalist Casey Anderson and his pet grizzly Brutus on an adventure through the North American wilderness. In Season 2, Dangerous Encounters, you join reptile expert Brady Barr as he guides you through dangerous habitats and tests you on your wilderness knowledge. Both seasons combined provide an exciting new way to learn about the wonders of the wild!

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