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CityVille Skies

Like Battleship zAPPed Edition, CityVille Skies is a game where toys meet the virtual play experience. In our second collaboration with Hasbro, we’ve developed a game for iPad using Zynga’s CityVille franchise.

Explore CityVille from above! In CityVille Skies, you can use the blimp toy with your iPad to fly over the bustling city and go on quests to help citizens. Pilot your blimp over the vast landscape to pick up passengers, transport building materials and more. Complete all the quests to earn rewards and upgrade your blimp with virtual accessories for more CityVille fun!

Download CityVille Skies from the App Store (US only) for free. You can play without, but it works best with the CityVille Skies blimp.

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