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In April 2004, Sony asked us to consider a music quiz game. A month later we created the first incarnation of what would go on to be known as Buzz!™. We presented a music quiz in a TV gameshow format and suggested the game came with four buzzers.

We set out to create a game which was fun for everyone. Simple to understand; easy to play; suitable for all. What started as a small game by a fledgling company turned out to be one of gaming’s biggest franchises. To date we have created Buzz!™: The Music Quiz, Buzz!™: The BIG Quiz, Buzz!™: The Mega Quiz, Buzz!™: The Schools Quiz, Buzz!™: The Hollywood Quiz,Buzz!™: The Pop Quiz, Buzz!™: Master Quiz, Buzz!™: Quiz TV, Buzz!™: Brain of…, Buzz!™: Quiz World, Buzz!™: The Ultimate Music Quiz and Buzz!™: Quiz Player which are responsible for millions of game sales worldwide.

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