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About Relentless

Relentless was founded with the goal of making games for everybody.

Over the last 10 years, Relentless has pioneered games for everybody by first focussing on social play in the living room and subsequently delivering high quality mobile games. We created the BAFTA-winning Buzz! quiz franchise, a virtual TV game show that lets you take part as a contestant. We subsequently collaborated with National Geographic and Microsoft’s Interactive TV unit to create Kinect Nat Geo TV for which we won the 2012 New Media Award in the prestigious Panda Wildscreen TV awards. As such, we are the only games company in the world to win awards normally associated with TV.

Murder Files continues our tradition of innovating where TV and games meet. As the editor of Eurogamer, Tom Bramwell, says “Murder Files is still unmistakably a Relentless game, because it makes the difficult job of entertaining a diverse group appear effortless.” Murder Files is a 6-part mini-series where players are invited to enjoy a quintessentially British murder mystery. Murder Files draws on Agatha Christie but adds a good dose of Carry On and Monty Python to make a fun and entertaining interactive experience. Initially a PS3 game, we have transitioned Murder Files to mobile and have had number 1 spots with the iPad version as well as a number 2 spot with the Kindle Fire version.

We currently have several new games in development, including a follow-up to Murder Files and a new IP in the adventure-puzzle genre. We continue to make entertainment that anybody can enjoy.

Please visit our Twitter profile for the latest updates: @Relentless_SW.


  • 2015 Apple Editor’s Choice for The Trace
  • 2014 Apple Features for Enigma Express
  • 2013 Apple Editor’s Choice for Murder Files
  • 2012 New Media Award at the Wildscreen Festival for Kinect Nat Geo TV
  • 2011 Brighton & Hove Business Awards for Creative Industry
  • 2010 Develop Nomination for Blue Toad Murder Files, Best New Download IP
  • 2010 BAFTA Nomination for Buzz!: Quiz World, Family & Social category
  • 2009 BAFTA Nominations for Buzz!: Quiz TV, Casual and Multiplayer categories
  • 2008 DiMAS People’s Choice Award for Buzz!
  • 2008 IGN Editor’s Choice Award for Buzz!: Quiz TV
  • 2007 Children’s BAFTA Nomination for Buzz!: The Schools Quiz, Learning Primary category
  • 2007 Develop Award Nomination for Business Development
  • 2007 D&AD Yellow Pencil Nomination for Buzz!: The BIG Quiz
  • 2007 Develop Award Nomination for Independent Developer
  • 2006 BAFTA for Buzz!: The BIG Quiz, Casual and Social Game category
  • 2006 Golden Joystick Innovation Award Nomination for Buzz!: The BIG Quiz
  • 2006 Golden Joystick Nuts All-Nighter Award Nomination for Buzz!: The BIG Quiz
  • 2006 Develop Award Nomination for Best Independent Studio
  • 2006 Develop Award Nomination for Grand Prix
  • 2006 Develop Award in conjunction with SCEE in the category Best New Intellectual Property for Buzz!
  • 2006 Develop Award in conjunction with SCEE in the category Best Innovation for Buzz! buzzers
  • 2005 Develop Industry Excellence Awards Nomination for Best New Studio
  • 2004 BAFTA Nomination in Audio category for DJ: Decks & FX

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